Past Winners

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These teams demonstrated that they can deliver outstanding
business value in emerging, growing and global industries.

Boston Scientific’s business and team made an impressive commitment to global MES and paperless manufacturing, and have created a sustainable competitive advantage through improved product quality and efficiencies.

“Boston Scientific’s significant achievements are due to their commitment to global MES, and ingraining it in their manufacturing DNA.”
– Daniel R. Matlis, President of Axendia, Inc. and Manufacturing Star Awards judge.

The team at this emerging medical device company demonstrated valuable foresight by investing in MES to enable rapid growth, shorter lead times and ensured quality.

“ConforMIS gives a lesson for all to follow, regardless of the size of your organization.”
– Mark Lincoln, VP of Global Operations for Terumo Cardiovascular Group and Manufacturing Star Awards judge.

The well-orchestrated team from all areas of the organization showed they can automate best practices from equipment to total plant information, further improving productivity and quality.

“Infineon’s strong team approach is likely to further enhance sustainable competitiveness.”
– Julie Fraser, Principal of Iyno Advisor, and Manufacturing Star Awards judge.

star-awards-commendation-logoSpecial Commendation
For excellent projects and success.

Extreme Networks
Extreme Networks did more than just automate supplier data collection. They revamped the process for overall data quality and analysis success.
Ethicon, a division of Johnson & Johnson
The small team at this large company delivered huge benefits by implementing a standard MES across the manufacturing lines. Ethicon continues to use data to create more robust manufacturing processes.
A long-time Camstar user, Roche found even more ways to utilize MES. They compressed packing cycle times while keeping strict product segregation for traceability.